Peter touches on some very interesting and timely concepts in his book Doing Good by Doing Good. I agree with his views that many organisations are attempting to do the right thing and certainly have the right intent when it comes to CSR, but few are executing their strategy to bring about the best return.

Peter’s advice to the charity sector to step up and change their ways, shifting from the old paradigm of just seeking donations, is encouraging and if heeded will lead to a more engaged sector and deeper relationship between corporate and charity. If you are in business, part of a foundation or leading a charity, you would be served well to read Peter’s latest work.

 Chris Cuffe, Company Director

Investment Professional and Philanthropist

Baines makes a highly practical contribution to how the best businesses create value by having a more positive social impact. And considering his track record of actually doing so, who better to listen to.

Peter Sheahan, Author

Founder and CEO of ChangeLabs™

Peter Baines has correctly written that innovation and a sense of the entrepreneurial spirit are the key to the future, irrespective of industry or academic discipline. This is advice offered at an important time in our collective search for best practices and the truth.

William E. Strickland Jr, President and CEO,

Manchester Bidwell Corporatio​n