The key to long term growth is a long term commitment and this equally applies in business as it does in the charity sector.  Peter has worked with many organisations sharing the lessons of employee engagement that come from an effective CSR platform including Commonwealth Bank, ING, Optus, Narta, AMP, IBM and many others.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

There is a growing awareness within socially aware organisations of the benefits of engaging their staff, their clients and their community in developing one another.  Those who are in tune with the latest trends within the CSR environment understand that donating money on its own, is the least rewarding currency that exists in this area.  Maximum benefit is gained through a strategic approach that engages all parties in the process and allows them to be involved and have ‘ownership’ of a project and to share in the ‘experiences’.

Increasingly organisations who are committed to change are taking a greater interest in how their money is used by their charity partners and rightfully so, they want a return and want to know the difference they are making. This can be achieved by the establishment of an internal board or council to lead the process or for those looking at long term change the creation of an internal foundation is another option.